Safe Sales

We specialise in the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of safes.  At Peninsula Security Services, we sell a large number of new and used safes in Barnstaple and the surrounding area, from various brands, including Insafe and SMP.

The safes we supply can be used to store almost anything, from cash or jewellery, to documents or electronic data. Safes vary in specifications and it is important to consider your needs and requirements before purchasing. For example, some safes are not only water resistant but also fire resistant. We can advise you on this as often the safe differs depending on whether its for home or commercial usage.

Safes can be fixed to the floor or wall, or be removable dependent on your needs. They can be supplied with a key, electronic or combination lock entry system.

Please contact us for more information, or you can view or download the sales brochures online by choosing one of the manufacturers below:
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